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Business Development 


WA&A works with clients of all sizes to help strengthen their market position and grow. Our depth of expertise ranges from federal business development, opportunity mining & tracking, networking, high level interface, execution strategies, as well as providing subject matter expertise for proposals . Our group of experts has years of experience, both in government and the private sector, working within the dynamics of federal contracting. We help our clients create value for their customers and satisfy their requirements—both stated and unstated. WA&A educates our clients on how to compete and win. We assist businesses in setting the appropriate processes and procedures to ensure that they are performing in accordance with government regulations while successfully growing their business. To be successful in today’s market environment, top companies must be innovative, employ the right strategies, and make the right corporate decisions. Our value is in assisting our clients management teams as they go to market. 

Government Real Estate 


WA&A has access to true professionals to advise federal clients on a wide range of property issues and execute various project-specific transactions worldwide. We provide unparalleled real estate services which combines transaction management, real estate and logistics consulting, workplace strategies, strategic facilities and operations planning, project and development management, and facilities and property management disciplines.

By aligning our integrated services with our clients' unique objectives, we better understand the financial impact as well as the repercussions of every option and decision on each component of our clients' portfolios. Our integrated real estate services also include the accountability of a single point of contact and a core real estate team that will ensure that transactions are implemented in accordance with overall strategy.  We offer solutions in the following: 


  • Facilitation of real estate transactions

  • Easements

  • Leases

  • Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) 

Energy Consulting 


WA&A assists our clients in understanding, framing, and responding to the ongoing debate concerning energy efficiency, reliability, and sustainability in the federal government arena. We provide data, analysis, insight, and access to the leading businesses, governments and institutions. More than that, though, we help our clients achieve tangible results. We start by framing the future market environment and competitive landscape. Then we identify and evaluate what that framework means, so our clients can develop appropriate responses per their strategic priorities and competitive positioning.  We assist in developing dynamic, interactive, and customizable solutions involving conservation, liquid natural gas, alternative energy sources, microgrids, and ESPC solutions across all sectors of the energy industry. By teaming with WA&A, our clients will be at the forefront of federal energy policy and execution. 



WA&A strives to provide states and communities the best BRAC consulting services available.  WA&A has been involved in BRAC consulting services in and out of government since 1991. We have exceptional experience, access, and insights in all facets of the Base Closure and Realignment (BRAC) process, and knowledge of the military services, the Department of Defense and Congress.  We know the BRAC process and its criteria for evaluating installations, as well as the interlocking relationship with community development.  We understand that expertise, a successful analytical method, and a proven track record is critical when assisting communities in achieving their BRAC objectives.  

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