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Wayne Arny, President & Founder

Wayne Arny is the President of Wayne Arny & Associates.  His clients are involved in military and federal construction, both openly competed and competed through 8(a) and tribally-owned programs; architecture and engineering; geospatially powered solutions for installation security and management; energy delivery, development and financing; and federal base realignment and closure.  He is on the Federal Advisory Board for Constellation Energy, an Exelon company; a senior advisor for Carlisle Syntec Systems, a division of the Carlisle Construction Materials family; and a consultant for William L. Ball & Associates, LLC.

Gordon Creed

Senior Consultant

Gordon Creed is a lead consultant with WA&A. Mr. Creed’s experience includes over 35 years of civilian legal and operational leadership in facilities, environment, and energy policy and execution within the General Services Administration as a Civil Service employee and as an interim member of the Senior Executive Service.  His final position before retiring from government service in 2011 was as the Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Public Buildings Service (PBS).

Paul Hubbell

Senior Consultant

Paul Hubbell is currently a lead consultant with WA&A. Mr. Hubbell’s experience includes over 40 years of active duty military and civilian leadership in facilities, environment, and energy policy and execution within the Department of the Navy, to include service as a Naval Officer on active duty, and as a Civil Service employee, and then a member of the Senior Executive Service, serving the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) and the United State Marine Corps (USMC) Headquarters.  

Kenny Weldon

Associate Consultant

Kenny Weldon is currently Chief Executive Officer of, LLC a government services company with core service areas of management consulting, training, environmental, program management, and facility support services. He is also an associate consultant for WA&A. Mr. Weldon’s experience includes over 26 years of active duty military, leadership and executive service (Colonel, U.S. Air Force-retired). 

Joe Whitaker 

Associate Consultant 

Joe Whitaker is a associate consultant for WA&A.  Mr. Whitaker retired from the Federal Government in February 2007 with over 35 years of public service to the U.S. Army.  His service included both military and civilian service. At his retirement he was a member of the Senior Executive Service serving as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations and Housing. He has since worked with Booz Allen Hamilton and Calibre.  

Kara Thomas

Business Development 

Kara Thomas is the Business Development Program Consultant for WA&A. She identifies potential government contract opportunities for WA&A clients, creates and maintains spreadsheets regarding project bid progress, elements and status that serve as initial business development tools.  When projects are targeted for response, she follows up with contracting agents regarding the bid process and status, and assists in cultivating relationships for the clients with the Government’s program personnel.

Rich Anderson

Associate Consultant 

Rich Anderson is currently an associate consultant specializing in land use, real property and infrastructure management issues as well as real property and Infrastructure management.  Mr. Anderson retired from Federal Civil Service on January 25, 2003, after 25 years in Federal Government service.  He was retained as contract advisor to the Secretary of the Navy through September 2003.

Joe Sikes

Associate Consultant 

Mr. Sikes retired from the Department of Defense in January 2015 following 52 years of federal service; thirty as a naval officer and twenty-two as a civilian in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). He was noted for his prolific use of the alphabet, having served as the ADASD (I) and, sequentially, Director of HRSO (responsible for MHPI), CS&P, H&CS, FE&P (AEMR), and S&T (ESTCP).

Frank Monestaro

Associate Consultant 

Dr. Monastero is the Principal of FCM Consulting and an Associate with Wayne Arny Associates, LLC.  His expertise lies in the field of the geothermal and financial industries regarding geothermal energy project valuation, exploration, development, and resource management. He also continues to write peer-reviewed technical papers dealing with geology, tectonics, and geothermal energy exploration and development

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